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KAIROS GROUP offers envelopes of different formats, adhesion type and location of flap.
Our whole assortment of envelopes can be found in our catalogue.
Envelope Types:
Envelopes that open along the wide side. Large envelopes that open along the narrow side.

The type of envelope is selected to ensure maximum convenience.
Large envelope
Envelope sizes:
The size of envelopes follow the international standards.
Methods of adhesion:
The methods of adhesion differ in accordance with the type of glue and purpose of the envelope.
Wet-glue envelopes (WG) are fixed by wetting the glue surface
Self-adhesive envelopes with silcon strip (SiS) are fixed by removing the protective paper from the flap.
Use of envelopes:
Grammage of the envelope is expressed in grams per square meter. The higher the grammage, the more durable the envelope.
We also offer postal envelopes with different types of flaps that can used according to the purpose of the envelope.

Most frequently used envelopes:
• with a straight flap (classical postal envelope and envelopes for mechanical folding).
• with a V-shaped flap.

The durability of the envelope is also dependent on the type of paper from which it is made.
Envelopes for automatic folding of documents. Flaps of such envelopes may have a rounded or trapezoidal shape.
For bulky objects we recommend you use our envelopes with an expanding fold, and for fragile objects to use envelopes with a protective layer of cushioning material.
If you have more questions about any particular type of envelope, please contact us, and we will be happy to answer all your questions and provide any information you may require.
Windowed envelopes:
The window is positioned on the envelope according to:

а) width of the window
b) height of the window
c) distance from the lower edge
d) distance from the right edge
Windowed envelope

Further Information:

Personalised Envelopes:

Printing on a folded envelope

• Minimum quantity – 1000.
• Time to completion – minimum 5 days after agreeing the design and layout.
• Printing can not be right to the edge of the envelope, minimum distance from the    edge is 1 cm.
• Printing over the whole surface of the envelope is not possible.

Printing on envelopes before folding

• Minimum quantity – 1000.
• Time to completion – minimum 14 days after agreeing the design and layout.
• Envelopes may be made from paper of your choice.
Envelopes for Advertisements
Square Envelopes
Envelopes with individually shaped windows
Advertising campaigns:
Do you wish to conduct an effective advertising campaign?

We can provide envelopes and the most varied formats, from paper of your choice with full colour printing. Plus:

• envelopes with various sized windows
• unique shaped envelopes
• with different finishes - plastic, varnish
• with several windows on the front
• with several windows on the rear
• with tear-off flaps
• perforated